Mrs. Cole's Wiki

    Welcome to the wiki site for my History classes. Students will use this site as a resource for course documents, helpful information, and useful links. As the year progresses, students will also contribute to class wikis that will reflect the current units of study.


    Creating a Wiki

    Wiki entries are done by first selecting your class, then clicking on the edit page button and adding text to the page. Each student will have the opportunity to add to a page individually or with their assigned group. The page will typically summarize the current unit of study, detail important topics, and will include links to outside pages and resources. All images added must have a reference which includes the author, title and date in which the image was created. Make sure the images are in the public domain and no longer copyrighted.


    Remember that classroom rules and district technology policies apply to the wiki. Do not use inappropriate language or insult your classmates. Do not violate any terms listed in your Student Electronic Communications Policy. I do not want to see any students misusing the comments section. Doing so will result in the loss of privileges and possible disciplinary actions. Refer to the Student Handbook. PHS Website